Trump’s Biography

Who is our new president? Read some facts from Donald Trump’s life and know more about him.

The current president of the USA, Donald John Trump was born in 1946, in Queens, New York. He was a fourth (of five) child of Frederick C. and Mary MacLeod Trump. His father was a builder and developer. Donald as a child was very energetic and assertive which led his parents to the decision about sending him to the New York Military Academy when he reached the age of 13.

Donald Trump with his siblings: Fred Jr, Robert, Maryanne and Elizabeth

He turned out to be a great student who became a star athlete and student leader. After graduating in 1964, he went to the Fordham University, but after two years he transferred to the Wharton School of Finance(University of Pennsylvania). He graduated in 1986 with a degree in economics.

After having finished his education he decided to follow his father and started his career as a developer in the family business Elizabeth Trump & Son. In 1971, he gained the control over the whole company (later the name was changed into the Trump Organization) and moved to Manhattan where he started making important connections with influential people.

Initial successes were disturbed in 1973 by the federal government’s complaint filed against the company because of supposed race discrimination against tenants. The case eventually ended in 1975 and according to the settled agreement the company had to train its employees about the Fair Housing Act and inform the community about the company’s fair housing practices.

In the meanwhile, Trump got interested in the commercial real estate. Next successes were surmounted by opening of the Grand Hyatt hotel in 1980, which made Donald Trump the most popular developer in the city.

The year 2004 brought his turn to the world of media and celebrities. Trump started producing (and starring in) The Apprentice – a reality TV series in which contestants were competing to get a management position in the Trump Organization. The production was a huge success and resulted in many spin-offs.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the USA

In 2012, Trump gave a clear sign that he was getting involved in politics. He was already popular enough to announce that he was thinking about becoming a candidate for the new president. However, it was impossible, since his political reputation suffered from his past activity within the “Birther” movement (a fringe group believing that President Obama was not born in the USA). Finally, his political activity turned out to be a success and last November, he was elected the 45th President of the USA.

Private life

He was married twice in the past. Currently, his wife is a much younger model Melania Knauss from Slovenia. They have a son, Barron William Trump (born in 2006).

Trump with his current wife Melania

Apart from Barron, Trump has also three children with his first wife Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr (Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric) and one daughter (Tiffany) with the second wife Marla Maples. Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric are executive vice presidents in his Trump Organization.